Okay, first off, I bet you want to know ‘What ghosts?’

Ordos is a city in Inner Mongolia (China) that had a spurt of fame a few years back when the new district (Kangbashi) became famed for being a Chinese ‘Ghost Town’. Designed for 1 million people, world media touted the city as an example of expansion for expansion’s sake around 2009-10 when only 30,000 people actually occupied the district. That was seven years ago, and yet, the reputation remains. If you google ‘Ordos’ or ‘Kangbashi’, you get pages and pages of ‘Ghost Town’ talk.

The cover photo is taken from Matthew Niederhauser’s 2011 post, which shows just how the uncanny Ghost Town image first came about.

As of April 2016, the population had risen to around 100,000 people. Not quite the initially planned 1 million, but plans for the city were downsized some time ago to 300,000, making it at a third of full capacity. For some perspective, that’s the population of Newcastle (UK) living on a plot of land 1/3 the size. Density wise, it currently looks like Newcastle. That’s what I’m telling you. That’s what Wiki is telling me. I’m going to find out if it’s true.

I’m moving to Ordos in September 2017 as an English language teacher, following a summer with CRCC in Beijing. I’m starting this blog early to capture the contrast between the capital and Kangbashi and hope to capture not only my experiences, but the true face of this new city.

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