Catch 2.2

I want to tell you about my phone.

I was sent an email perhaps 2 hours before I traveled telling me that I would need to have my phone unlocked in order to use a Chinese sim card. I phoned Tesco (I know they get a bad rep, but they are a great service provider) and they did it in a matter of minutes, but the actual unlock will take up to 20 days. So, despite having a Chinese sim card, I can’t use it yet.

This wouldn’t be too much of a problem since there is uni wifi, only my phone is an android. The only browser it has is Chrome and so the university log-in page won’t work. The app store is Google Play, which also won’t work in China, so I can’t download a different browser.

I came up with the plan today of logging onto the Macdonald’s wifi, using my VPN to get into the app store and downloading Opera – a quite clever way around it, or so I thought. It still won’t log in. I know what you’re thinking – maybe it’s the username or password. Well, how am I writing this, or this, or THIS? Because the username and password work on my laptops, that’s how.


A picture of the special promotion in Macdonald’s – a chicken and cheese burger (with an egg in it), printed with a Minion on top.

Which brings me to the solution – not the most practical, but pretty decent. I’ve used my laptop as a hotspot, meaning I can access wechat, the play store (via VPN) and everything else.

In other technological news, I bought a kettle! It seemed silly at the time but as I sit here, sipping a nice cup of coffee, it feels justified. I paid 112 RMB (about £13), but considering a cup of coffee costs 15-20 RMB and takes effort, I’ll save myself over 1000  RMB (£114) if I was to buy a cup of coffee every day – and it’s a Chinese plug, saving me precious space on my English adapter.


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